Information Regarding Pick Up Lines

There are many different and funny pick up lines for guys to try when attempting to break the ice with a new girl that they have just met, first and fore most women love having fun hence the term " girls just want to have fun " but are you really aware of how to make women laugh in the first place? 

There is no guarantee that pick up lines would work almost 100 percent every time you use them it really depends on the kind of girl you are using those lines on, remember that there are many different kinds of girls some are conservative while other are wild, some are a mixture of both in which case you need to learn how to be able to bring out her wild side while keeping her conservative nature and image in tack, now you are asking what does it all mean? It is really simple, women are easy to talk to if you know what to talk about, the same thing goes when sharing those funny pickup lines all girls have different triggers, meaning that they react differently depending on the delivery and manner of which you deliver a cleaver pick up line, and there is a certain guarantee that no pick up line is generic for all girls, while some might laugh others might get offended which brings us back to why knowing her type is so important in the first instance that you start to converse with her for the very first time. 

The best way to go about breaking the ice especially during the first meeting with the woman you desire is to first know by reading her actions if she is in fact interested to talk about a specific topic, find the common ground one task that could prove to be very tricky so be patient and check her body language look for gestures that show the pros and cons or more specifically the "yes" gestures from the "no" once remember you want to keep her saying yes so it is best to drive the conversation towards the topics where her point of interest is drawn.  

A good advice that I can give you is to almost always think of the woman as another human being first before you go into the details, do not stair at her breasts or touch her in appropriately especially if you do not know her as this could go either way, and unfortunately doing these things will most likely give you a negative reply rather than the right answer you are looking for and might i suggest that if you do not want to get slapped or thrown out of the bar, please learn to respect women and treat them with as much respect as you possibly can muster and you can be sure to get the girl if you play the cards right. 


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